Welcome to Coffee and Courage. What inspired this new direction? Well, COVID-19 certainly did, as did conversations with friends and family that started in late March 2020. Several times a week someone would ask, “What are you doing to get through this?” And my rote reply of course was “Coffee!”

But in reality, Coffee and Courage was prompted by a discussion among my closest friends about what things each of us could do to take better care of ourselves~ physically, mentally, and spiritually. For me, it came down to focusing on humor, health, and happiness.


Humor is vital. Whether a comedian’s performance or a meme, laughter is the best medicine.


What small changes can we make daily or small step we can take a day at a time to improve our physical health.


What makes you happy? Are there things or people you can count on? Let’s share some of our favorite places, people, things that bring a positive vibe to our day.

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