2021 #AprilDeskEscape

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Welcome to #AprilDeskEscape 2021

So glad you came to visit this page! What’s April Desk Escape? It’s the effort to get away from your office desk (or domicile if you’re working from home) for 30 minutes at least three times a week during the month of April. Take a photo or video on your walk. Upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and add the #AprilDeskEscape hashtag.

The gallery will be updated frequently.

Trust & Connection

I recently streamed a FB LIVE about the importance of connection and how trust factors in when the connection has been broken or dormant for many years. I talked some about how essential these links are to my personal happiness. I thought that my renewed endeavors to re-connect with two friends with whom I hadContinue reading “Trust & Connection”

The photos are coming in!

The #AprilDeskEscape photos are starting to come in for this year’s challenge. I’ll keep posting to the gallery as they do. Do join us!

Wishing for an escape…

I admit that I have been daydreaming about escaping. Are you doing the same? I guess it is not so much as an escape as it is a return to my previous routines. I suspect that these quarantine times and restrictions have changed my routine and I never realized how comforting it was to haveContinue reading “Wishing for an escape…”

What direction is up?

I get it. Everyone is in the same boat when it comes to feeling unsettled after a year of lockdowns. Best thing about it? We’re not alone. The worst thing about it? We feel all alone. I’ve been preparing for two conferences. No matter the project management app, tool, time invested-It’s been terribly challenging toContinue reading “What direction is up?”


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