2021 #AprilDeskEscape

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Welcome to #AprilDeskEscape 2021

So glad you came to visit this page! What’s April Desk Escape? It’s the effort to get away from your office desk (or domicile if you’re working from home) for 30 minutes at least three times a week during the month of April. Take a photo or video on your walk. Upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and add the #AprilDeskEscape hashtag.

The gallery will be updated frequently.

Hear me out…

One of my favorite bits about being off work for 4 days! I get to catch up via phone/video chat with many friends and family members. I’ve been working my way through a list of friends that I’ve scheduled calls with this weekend. Sounds silly to have to schedule a call with a friend however,Continue reading “Hear me out…”

What’s so funny?

I spent a weekend away on a retreat with seven other humans, four of whom I had never met. I was so, so very ready for a getaway. Work pace has been non-stop (who knew so many homeowners would re-do their kitchen during the last 18 months?!) I was counting on quiet time, meditation time,Continue reading “What’s so funny?”

Spiritual Condition?

I’ve heard more than my fair share of conversations of late regarding spirituality. I’ve heard of friends enlisting a ‘spiritual director’ even though they are involved in a religious organization. Now, let me be clear- I’m referring to spirituality NOT religion. So I asked my good friend and mentor, what she really meant by theContinue reading “Spiritual Condition?”


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