Health is my focus for November (what’s left of it) and December of 2020. Focus on mental and physical well-being. It’s not easy as the days stay darker longer and it’s tough to be motivated to walk the beach when you feel your face might freeze off from the wind off the ocean.

Years of experience have taught me that I can’t eat my way through the winter, I’m not a bear. I need to be careful and focused on three important areas to stay on top of it.

  1. Drink more water, more frequently. I often turn to coffee and hot cocoa in these winter months. But, my house is heated with a wood stove and it becomes very dry. I know I need to drink water not only to stay hydrated but to stave off muscle pulls from sitting too long and there are some links implying that a lack of hydration may impact your body’s reaction to Covid-19. [Stookey JD, Allu PKR, Chabas D, Pearce D, Lang F. Hypotheses about sub-optimal hydration in the weeks before coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as a risk factor for dying from COVID-19. Med Hypotheses. 2020;144:110237. doi:10.1016/j.mehy.2020.110237]
  2. Stretch! Good Lord it is tough getting older.. lol. I mean, in reality, sitting is so tough for our bodies. Getting up in the morning and warming up our muscles will lessen our risk of pulling something and we certainly have plenty of time while working from home do do so. I suspect that it would be helpful to do with your children if you are also doing school from home.
  3. Sleep. Get good rest. Try to avoid caffeine and large meals at least two hours prior bedtime, preferably out bodies would like more time to digest food before we lay our head on the pillow.

These are just a few suggestions. I’d love to read some from you.

Grateful for your comments. ~ Kem

Join us for #RocktoberDeskEscape

It’s time to escape our desk kitchen table current working spot.

Each April, Administrative Professionals from around the globe participate in #AprilDeskEscape, which is a health initiative to encourage office employees to get up and get out walking for 30 minutes, three times weekly. However, April 2020 brought on some challenges to the effort. Now that Autumn is upon us, many wfh (workfromhome) employees are stir-crazy and (may) have added some weight. So join us as we pursue a re-visit to the DeskEscape project in October, calling it #Rocktober. Starting October 1, you can participate, too!

  • Make a commitment to get out, away from your workspace (whereever it may be!) by putting a reminder on your calendar. Lunch is usually the easiest time to do so.
  • Take a picture of you or where you are and tag it with #RocktoberDeskEscape. You can tag @CoffeeWithKem on Twitter or upload it to Instagram with the same hashtag.
  • Want to do a ten-second video about #RocktoberDeskEscape? Great! Be sure to upload it to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag. You can invite colleagues to join in on the walk, just remember to keep that social distancing AND wear a mask (pretty please!)
  • Share this initiative with your friends and family.

I’ll start a photo gallery page here on the website so we can start seeing the many cool locations from which people are participating. You can see how I’ll be tracking my miles on my home whiteboard wall. I track mine with a standard fitbit. I also add in any miles I put on my exercise bike if I’m doing work reading at the same time!

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