And then what happened?

Wow. I love my blog. I love my intention to write about humor, health, happiness. Here’s the truth. I was CRUSHED. I could not write. I could not cry. I was suffering from a tsunami of anxiety leading up the U.S. Presidential election, the outcomes, the lawsuits, the recounts…the whole damn thing. I know, IContinue reading “And then what happened?”

For the love of music

I love a great playlist. Isn’t music fantastic? It can inspire, change our moods, and take us immediately back to a moment in time. I was thrilled when a college classmate created a Spotify playlist that reflected the music we listened to and danced to at our college pub. I also created a playlist forContinue reading “For the love of music”

Welcome to October

I love Fall. It’s so special in New England. I pulled over and captured this video tonight as I was driving to pick up takeout. (Takeout hot pastrami& swiss cheese from Anthony’s Food Shop in York, Maine is y-u-m-m-y! btw) Each take from the same bridge, same time but on opposite sides.

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