What direction is up?

I get it.

Everyone is in the same boat when it comes to feeling unsettled after a year of lockdowns. Best thing about it? We’re not alone. The worst thing about it? We feel all alone.

I’ve been preparing for two conferences. No matter the project management app, tool, time invested-It’s been terribly challenging to remain focused and motivated. Gratefully I know it is just where we are in the cycle of all things universal. This too shall pass. This too shall change.

All the letters, cards, and calls– sit there awaiting my action. I decided I would allow myself to complete three (3) things per day (outside of work) and be okay with it. In whatever was previously considered normal times, I’d start lunches, have something on the stove, put laundry in, be writing, be texting, be trying to catch the hockey game on TV. Enough! My mind said. I made a promise to myself to be kind and gentle. That means finishing this blog. Getting a big glass of water. Putting in some dry-eye eyedrops and crawling into bed before 10:00pm.

I may not know which way is up, but I know how to take the first step to finding out. Take care, friends. Be sure to tell the people you care about that you love them and cherish them. It’s a short journey on this rock in the Milky Way. Love, K.

And then what happened?

Wow. I love my blog. I love my intention to write about humor, health, happiness.

Here’s the truth. I was CRUSHED. I could not write. I could not cry. I was suffering from a tsunami of anxiety leading up the U.S. Presidential election, the outcomes, the lawsuits, the recounts…the whole damn thing. I know, I KNOW I am not alone in what happened.

So, here I am on the other side of that crisis. During that timeframe, friends lost spouses, parents or other family members. Peers in my field lost their job. I entered an unhealthy relationship with food. Now that I’ve emerged through that dense fog of anxiousness, I am trying to be kind to myself and share my experience with others.

Here is a superb article that provides one way to look at the grief suffered in the last 18 months.


My attempt at self-care in December/January

Ironically, Executive Secretary Magazine’s YouTube Channel ran my interview with Lucy Brazier yesterday. Title: Lessons Learned from Mental Health Challenges. Perfect timing. As I watched the replay and comments, I was reminded of my own advice- ‘Don’t go it alone’.

What’s next? Hopefully some decent weather and Spring will start to peek through a few days in March. I purchased roller skates so I can find new ways (that I like!) to get some exercise. Roller skates generally don’t work on snowy, icy roads or sidewalks.

So, time to pick myself back up and dust off the keyboard. Time to share stories again.

For the love of music

I love a great playlist. Isn’t music fantastic? It can inspire, change our moods, and take us immediately back to a moment in time. I was thrilled when a college classmate created a Spotify playlist that reflected the music we listened to and danced to at our college pub. I also created a playlist for my colleagues when I left my position at ASA. Each song was curated to reflect my perception of personalities.

I absolutely adore the feeling one gets when a song comes on and you know EXACTLY where you were the first time you heard a song. Whether it was a first school dance, a first wedding dance, your first road trip with a bestie…songs take us there.

Music has always played a huge role in my life. From the very first stereo album I heard at our home in Framingham (Herb Alpert) to seeing my brother, Mark, in Drum Corps, to my own marching band days, to my first concert (Billy Idol played a show at Mary Washington College, believe it or not.) My mother was known to be a phenomenal piano player and my father’s mother, Florence, not only had an organ in her home but was oblivious to tormenting her grandchildren with her singing voice in church, too loud and very Kate Smith- like.

So I encourage you to take 30 minutes within the next 72 and curate yourself a great memories playlist on the music service of your choice. ~ Kem