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You’ve got to trust your instinct and let go of regret. You’ve got to bet on yourself now star, ’cause that’s your best bet

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Day 2 of CAPStone is complete. There are other IAAP Specialty certificates being offered, project management, meeting planning, and technology applications. I jave enjoyed working with Dawn Monroe. She’s a phenomenal collaborator and instructor.

In ATL, on standby for flight for CAPStone.Tired, grateful, some sea legs from 14.5 flight from Cape Town

I had some time in Cape Town to chat with delegates about the CAP exam as well as IAAP offerings and Summit scholarship opportunities.

#attitudeofgratitude to do the things I hope move the world forward ..tiny steps at a time.

Good morning from Cape Town, South Africa. We arrived last evening around 5:30pm eastern after a 14.5 hour flight from Atlanta. We were on a A380 via Delta. Pretty smooth flight overall.  It’s so warm and balmy here compared to Maine. I think when I left Maine it was 40degrees farenheight and it is 64 degrees here this morning.  A tiny bit of rain showers.  One of the most lovely things already is the being able to have the window open in the hotel room — so the breeze is phenomenal. Kind of like early May at Long Sands Beach. We got up and walked over to a really cute coffee bar (what??!) for breakfast called The Bootlegger 🙂 and had croissant egg sammies and plenty of good strong coffee. Our wait staff was super attentive and very kind. We have a relaxing day planned to get acclimated to SA time. Oh! and our driver yesterday, Craig. He was full of all kinds of great info about Cape Town.. I don’t think he realized how groggy we were. He was what we could call a ‘chatty Cathy’.  Not only does he drive for a living, but he also trains the top Tennis Table champions in the country! He has his own training company for Table Tennis.  Hello? Susan Sarandon?  Okay..time for us to get to the rest of the day, but shower and dress for the remainder of the day first! 

#TheBootleggerCoffeeCompany #CenturyCity #SouthAfrica #ESLIVE

We are ready to board!
Part of a really nice large display commemorating Rep. John Lewis (deceased) at ATL airport
It had to be done.
Flight 1.. pov.. leaving Logan
Two weeks away from to check, one carry-on…
Rule 1… always take my own pillowcase from home when traveling!

Good evening, friends. As I prepare to head out on travel, we’ve lost power here at the house at least once AND… we’ve got about 10 inches of fresh snow. Grateful for the opportunity to sleep in this morning and log in to my work at 9am. Most days I am up by 6:00am.

So, I’ll be posting here on this page for the next two weeks about my travels to Executive Support LIVE! South Africa and then onto Fort Lauderdale, Florida to facilitate a segment of the CAPStone bootcamp for the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

Now, I must get back to prepping hubby and my office for my longer than usual time away

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